Inside knowledge. Now on the outside.

Amazon is the machine.
kane is the oil.

The KANE process ensures that when the right parts work together to generate insights and drive value, customers and brands win.

1. Retail Health

Before launch, existing market data offer valuable direction for where to start and how to lead. From inventory management and fulfillment quality to customer service, great brands master the basics before moving to Gear 2.

2. PDPs, Stores & Reviews

Product Detail Pages (PDPs) are the face of your brand and indexed across multiple factors, and with a strategically assembled Brand Store, you can leverage the algorithm to win the category. We can help.

3. SEO & PPC

Once your presence is in order, your brand should graduate to Gear 3, where KANE can guide your Search Engine Optimization and programmatic advertising efforts to drive traffic both on- and off-Amazon, maximize ROAS, and reduce TACoS.

4. DSP, Testing & Optimization

Gear 4 is for smart brands seeking to increase consideration with the customers they know as well as new audiences. Through Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform, KANE uses data to strategically target existing and new customers, message with relevance, learn, and optimize.

5. Display, Sponsorships, Custom & Social

Gear 5 is pure brand growth, where Display, Sponsorships, off-menu Custom offerings, and external drivers like Social help brands make the most of Amazon. After each initiative, customer insights inform the other Gears, accelerating the flywheel.


Use the voice of the customer. Be the choice of the customer.

Customers “talk” to your brand in two distinct languages on Amazon. We’re fluent in both.
KANE’s proprietary methods are part human, part robot, and this art-and-science approach is proven to increase performance.

Mike Kazantzis


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As a 20-year veteran of the marketing and creative space, Michael worked with many of the world’s most coveted brands and franchises—from Grammy®-winning musicians to Rockstar Games—before joining Amazon Ads in 2014 to lead advertising, design, and user experience of the CPG Household & Grocery vertical. Kazantzis also developed the Trusted Creative Partner program to train, guide, and certify clients and agencies on Amazon worldwide. In 2019 Michael co-founded KANE to spread the knowledge of Amazon throughout the industry—working directly with brands to reach a larger audience, target the right customers, reduce launch time, and increase ad performance.

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Steve Susi


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After years with NYC’s digital shops, Steve joined Amazon Ads as its first NYC creative director in 2012. A few years later, he became its first ECD globally and relocated to London, where he received the first Amazon Inventor Award granted to Advertising outside the US for patented innovation. He joined Michael at KANE in 2019.His book Brand Currency: A Former Amazon Exec on Money, Information, Loyalty, and Time takes readers inside the company’s operating system to reveal how Amazon has come to dominate. It was a 2019 Amazon category best-seller.

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Target the right customers. Reduce launch time. Increase performance.

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